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Boxing Training

Let's find the right class for you.

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Experience the excitement and benefits of our class without any commitment. Whether you're a complete beginner or just curious about boxing, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the sport.​ Seize the opportunity to choose a complimentary class of your choice!


Junior Boxing (ages 6-10)

 Our Jonior Boxing Class is tailored for young enthusiasts aged 6 to 10 with minimal prior boxing experience. In this class, kids will embark on an exciting journey to learn the basics of footwork, punches, and defensive skills through engaging and age-appropriate activities.

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Adult Boxing

Our Adult beginner's boxing class is designed for individuals with minimal exposure to the sport.  Learn the fundamentals of boxing including footwork, basic punches, while building strength, confidence, and coordination in a fun and engaging setting.


Introduction to Boxing

Beginner's Boxing Class is specially crafted for individuals with no prior experience. This class focuses on building a strong foundation and instilling confidence in every participant. You'll learn basic boxing techniques at your own pace, while gaining fitness, self-defense skills in a supportive and friendly setting.


Youth Boxing (ages 11-17)

Our Youth Boxing Fundamentals Class is perfect for young enthusiasts with little prior boxing experience.  Through engaging activities and age-appropriate training, participants will learn the basics of footwork, punches, and defensive skills.

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Fight Teams

Join our specialized amateur or professional fighter training class and take your skills to the next level. Designed exclusively for aspiring boxers who are serious about their craft, this class offers an intensive and focused training experience.

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