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Welcome to Oakland Fight Camp boxing gym! Our services offer a dynamic blend of technique development, conditioning workouts, and personalized instruction to help clients unleash their inner fighter and achieve your fitness goals.


Boxing Elite

Unleash your inner warrior in our dynamic boxing and fitness class. Our expert instructors will guide you through a high-energy workout that combines boxing techniques with comprehensive fitness training. Strap on your gloves, punch the bags, and develop strength, agility, and coordination. Engage in functional exercises and cardio drills to enhance athleticism and burn calories. 


Rising Champions

Welcome to our exciting and energetic boxing and fitness class designed especially for kids! Get ready to have a blast as you discover the amazing world of boxing while improving your fitness and having loads of fun. Our experienced instructors are experts at creating a safe and supportive environment where young athletes can learn proper boxing techniques, boost their coordination, and build confidence. 


Fight Team

Designed exclusively for aspiring professional and amateur boxers who are serious about their craft, we offer an intensive and focused training experience. Under the guidance of our experienced head coach, you'll receive comprehensive technical instruction, strategic sparring sessions, and strength and conditioning workouts specifically designed to enhance your performance in the ring. 

Step into the ring. Unleash your potential.

Welcome to our dynamic and thriving boxing club, where we offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet the needs of all boxing enthusiasts. 

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