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Abraham Morones is a professional Boxer who is recognized in the San Francisco bay area as a strength, conditioning / Boxing trainer. His knowledge and experience is utilized with a unique ability to guide an athlete or non-athletic person mentally and physically through their own limitation in order to achieve goals they would not obtain on their own. His custom training routine strengthens a person’s overall mental stability and forces them physically to maintain a high level of health. Understanding that a high level of performance is achieved by changing one’s life to a clean state of living on a day to day basis. Abraham incorporates these lessons in his coaching with over 10 years of competing in boxing and creating and running his own boxing programs for the city of Berkeley and the Berkeley Unified school district. (Boxing experience over 60 amateurs, state championship and competing in 2012 Olympic trial)


“As a coach I believe it’s my job to help the individual that I am working with to strengthen their weakness and push their existing abilities to the next level. This is how I believe anyone can become a high level athlete or a positively charged healthy person”

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Coach Jamal Valdez-Allen brings art and soul back to the sweet science. He utilizes innovative and fun instructional techniques to establish foundational and forgotten basics.With his unique teaching style informed by a 30 year history of martial arts training you can learn strategies to help deal with obstacles in the ring as well as everyday life.


Coach Jamal is a former four time ABF and two time Golden Glove champion. He has trained fighters for over 15 years including National, Golden Gloves, Women’s National, and ABA champions at UC Berkeley and East Oakland Boxing.He has studied martial arts (including Taiji, Wing Chung, Mantis, and Taekwondo) for over 30 years. He was coached by the greatest light heavyweight champion, Bob Foster, and trained with the great Johnny Tapia.Coach Jamal uses his broad range of experience to create a curriculum that allows students to understand and master the basics of boxing to become champions!